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minutes 1-4 - different rules for different kids

school inequality, pre-grunge music, school shootings, 80s sitcoms, looking at 1990 as parochial school students, and mark's first monologue

minutes 5-8 - threatening to kill his parents on the radio

everybody knows, joey, ice-r. privileged gen-x angst, hippies turned establishment, holden caulfield, and mark's audience coming together

minutes 9-12 - everything essentially is a simulacrum

disneyland, baudrillard, tract homes, action figures, fake sex, fake doors, fake ministers, and expensive plates.

minutes 13-16 - do you think it's a fifties film?

hippie pasts, establishment futures, nazi school logos, locker searches, commodification of black violence, and racist test scores.

Minutes 17-20 - shaming and scaremongering people doesn't work

lenny bruce, guidance counselors, sex education, the dare program, and compassion fatigue

minutes 21-24 - rather than work to build better systems"

preemptive ostracism, the 1776 commission, reality television, cops, pepsi, suicidal tendencies, and the male gaze

minutes 25-28 - any idiot can see i need limits

mark's gunplay, miles davis, schooley d, beastie boys, introducing gangsta rap to white people, fairness doctrine, right wing radio, joe rogan, after school specials, ...

minutes 29-32 - nobody has a clue

suicide, robert johnson and his 'rediscovery' by white people, cowboy junkies, above the law, rap as literature, freedom of speech, chagall guevara, and the misfits

minutes 33-36 - the consequences of his radio show

awkward hellos, canadian bulletin boards, stan ridgway, high school suicide response, nora's investigation, i sing the body electric, captain cayatanita, and sparse cl...

minutes 37-40 - he has no idea what he's doing

sunglasses as disguise, nora's characterization, confusing food, parenting, mark as incel, why johnny can't read, johnny got his gun, and copycat suicides

minutes 41-44 - getting rid of all the protest songs

short wave radio, if it be your will, youth job and relationship satisfaction, and sukiyaki

minutes 45-48 - that's a little too freudian

hamlet, heaven, mirrors, nothingness, the prince of pennsylvania, my boy lollipop, kick out the jams, paige, totems of perfection, and explosions

minutes 49-52 - terrified to say anything about it

homosexuality in high school, gay representation in film and television, that certain summer, my so-called life, hollywood, adults not believing teens, and homophobia

minutes 53-56 - and she's just yelling

pixies, wave of mutilation, somewhere, over the rainbow, bechdel test, sonic youth, titanium expose, authoritarians, ohm's law, and #resistance

minutes 57-60 - also, he doesn't have a warrant

acts of defiance, white privilege, george bickham, lean on me, bad high fives, bad reporters, bad administrators, bad teachers, bad cops, bad clerks, and bad commissio...

minutes 61-64 - that's stupid on multiple levels

racist casting, useless parents, useless reporters, peter murphy, and mark's growing audience

minutes 65-68 - and what did the gods give him?

covid rallies, the cure, disintegration, nrbq, wild weekend, problematic muses, white male privilege, and suspicious parents

minutes 69-72 - he's definitely hard harry again

sexist thattaboy talk, nwa, gansta gangsta, ice cube, trump's platinum plan, and tracing phone calls

minutes 73-76 - don't leave 'em on for more than 30 minutes

elvis costello, pump it up, mommyheads, love & rockets, everybody wants to go to heaven, ivan neville, why can't i fall in love?, cock rings, and impotence

minutes 77-80 - still, he just can't finish

#zoomdick, meaningful silences, cliff martinez, strawberries for heads, graffiti, classroom doors, and childish authoritarians

minutes 81-84 - that's full-fledged assault

marvelettes, don't mess with bill, corporal punishment, larry's hairdo, authoritarians, and the right to an education

minutes 85-88 - is he making a bomb?

unregulated media, burning creswood in effigy, soundgarden, heretic, anarchist cookbook, and how to survive high school with minimal brain damage

minutes 89-92 - is this a dangerous idea or a stupid idea

women in punk, concrete blonde, everybody knows, watts as trump, was not was, hello dad, i'm in jail, reused locations, stealing air, urban dance squad, fast lane, and...

minutes 93-96 - the parents aren't gonna be there

mr robot, 5 female artists who should have been on the soundtrack, the end of the musical, continuity errors, poorly executed chase scenes, getting environmental, samu...

minutes 97-102 - you have the right to remain silent

but speak up instead. liquid jesus, stand, teen podcasters, teen activists, leonard cohen, hallelujah, #speakout, #vote

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