A podcast about politics and music and the 1990 film Pump Up the Volume.

First Episodes

minutes 1-4 - different rules for different kids

school inequality, pre-grunge music, school shootings, 80s sitcoms, looking at 1990 as parochial school students, and mark's first monologue

minutes 5-8 - threatening to kill his parents on the radio

everybody knows, joey, ice-r. privileged gen-x angst, hippies turned establishment, holden caulfield, and mark's audience coming together

minutes 9-12 - everything essentially is a simulacrum

disneyland, baudrillard, tract homes, action figures, fake sex, fake doors, fake ministers, and expensive plates.

minutes 13-16 - do you think it's a fifties film?

hippie pasts, establishment futures, nazi school logos, locker searches, commodification of black violence, and racist test scores.

Minutes 17-20 - shaming and scaremongering people doesn't work

lenny bruce, guidance counselors, sex education, the dare program, and compassion fatigue

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